Nanny Knows Best

The path to becoming a small business owner is varied. Part of the skill of today’s small-business owner is recognizing an opportunity and acting on it. That’s exactly what Jen Thomas did when she acquired A Perfect Fit Nanny Agency. After many years of being a nanny herself, Jen seized an opportunity that was before her and made the move from caring for children as a nanny to owning an agency.

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Because of her years of experience, Jen knows what’s important in a nanny relationship. She understands firsthand both the needs of the families seeking care for their children, as well as the nannies who provide the care. This blend of knowledge and experience makes Jen the perfect candidate to turn to when families are looking for care. Having been voted the “Best of Our Valley” in 2017 helps, too!

Let’s face it: Finding quality care for your children can be daunting and difficult. But using the services of an award-winning agency, whose owner has the experience you’re seeking, can provide you peace of mind that you’ll find the right nanny to welcome into your family!

Small-business success stories come to life when you least expect them!

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