Need a Tune Up?

If you’re feeling like your body needs a tune-up, contact Muscle + Movement Therapy (MMT) and speak with Dr. Jeffrey Sergent or Peter Rogers. Working in tandem, they will provide a holistic approach to maintaining your health by using chiropractors, physical therapists, personal trainers, and massage therapists to help with your personal realignment and have you feeling like new!

Having been colleagues and coworkers for several years, and recognizing an opportunity to provide top-notch services in a community that values them, Dr. Sergent and Peter opened MMT in Cedarburg. Selecting a location that would allow them to offer their full slate of services was essential in bringing their vision to life. Part of the beauty of owning your own business is making decisions like these for yourself. The environment that they have created at MMT provides a relaxing and inviting atmosphere when you arrive. It feels more like sitting in a living room than a waiting room.

Their great location, their approach, and their kind yet professional personalities have helped them grow. In just a short time they’ve developed a solid client base in Ozaukee County. Working with professionals like these has been an inspiration for me to persevere in my own business development.

You can learn more about their services and their approach at

If you want to see the fun behind the scenes as Dr. Sergent and Peter build their new enterprise and/or if you’re interested in purchasing one of their massage or chiropractic specials, please visit