Barking Up the Right Tree

When you have an opportunity to choose your next step in life, why not choose what you love and are passionate about? That’s exactly what Deb Ward did six years ago when she found herself needing employment. She devised a plan that combined her love for dogs with earning a living.

Acting on her vision and dream, Cedarburg Pet Care was born. But despite the feel-good nature of the business’ premise, it hasn’t all been rosy. Growing her business and developing a client base has meant many long, tiring hours for Deb on her road to success. The result? A thriving pet care business that currently provides services for more than 300 families with pets in the Ozaukee County area.

Based on her business plan, Deb has developed many facets that all relate to her love and passion for pets.

Cedarburg Pet Care:

-       provides a safe place for dogs to play during the day in a structured, nurturing environment. This is a wonderful alternative to your pet staying home alone while you’re at work, not to mention they love being there and come home tired after a full day of playing with their friends.

-       has overnight boarding spots (which tend to fill up fast, especially during high-peak weeks). Your doggie gets to go “home” for the time you’re away, as your dog is accepted into the Ward family fold during its stay in Deb’s home.

-       visits your home to assist when you’re gone for an extended period-of-time, are gone for long hours in a single day, or for when you’re home but merely need assistance. And the visits aren’t just restricted to dogs! The pet sitters also care for cats, fish, birds, guinea pigs, and even a ferret a time or two!

-       breeds Newfoundland pups. These pups are nurtured and socialized in a safe home setting until they travel to their new forever home.

The growth of Deb’s business from an idea to the successful, thriving service it is today is an example of what you can achieve when you set your sights high and chase your dream!

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